Please ensure that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions before completing your Booking Form. If any clarification is required, please contact us by email.

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A reservation is made when the completed booking form together with the appropriate deposit has been received from you and a confirmation invoice has been issued by us - a contract is then in existence. Provisional bookings can be made by telephone or fax but must be followed by a completed booking form and deposit within seven days.

Balance of Payment:
The Balance must be paid not later than 70 days prior to departure; we will send you an invoice about a week before this. If payment has not been received by the due date shown on the invoice, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and apply the appropriate cancellation charges (see below).

Cancellations (Booking):
Notice of cancellation can only be accepted in writing from the person who made the original booking, and will take effect on the day received by us. Cancellations more than 70 days before departure will result either in loss of deposit or total costs incurred by us, whichever is the greater. Thereafter the following charges will be levied: 70 to 56 Days: 90%. 55 Days to day of departure: 100%.

Transfer of Booking:
If through reasonable cause (e.g. injury, illness, jury service etc.) you are prevented from proceeding with your holiday, EU regulations have created the right for you to transfer your booking to another person. However, you must notify us at least 45 days before departure and before accepting the transfer, your place must first be offered to any persons on that tour‘s waiting list and if a transfer is effected you will be responsible for any additional cost incurred.

Tour Cancellations & Alterations:
All effort will be made to ensure that each tour operates as advertised, but the information contained in this brochure was produced many months in advance of the tour dates therein, using the services of Independent Airlines, Hotels and Ground Handlers etc., over whom we have no direct control. Situations, unusual and/or unforeseeable circumstances may therefore arise, which are beyond our control and give rise to tour cancellations or changes of itinerary. We reserve the right to cancel any tour or to make changes to tours as deemed necessary, before or after your booking is confirmed. If we are forced to cancel a tour or make a major change to an itinerary before the commencement of the tour, we will inform you without delay and offer you the choice of: (i) a refund of all monies paid to us or (ii) accepting the alteration, or (iii) an alternative holiday of similar standard, if available (with you paying the additional amount or receiving a refund for any price difference).

All prices quoted are based on rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes at the time of going to press, and we therefore reserve the right to increase the tour price should circumstances necessitate this. Tour prices have also been calculated based on a minimum number of clients participating. If on any tour that number (generally 7) is not achieved, we may still operate the tour, but reserve the right to apply a surcharge/premium.

Any complaints regarding a tour must be brought to the attention of the Leader at the time and if not dealt with to your satisfaction, must be notified in writing to Avian Adventures office within 28 days of the completion of the tour. We will not be liable for any complaint received after this period.

Single rooms:
Single rooms cannot always be guaranteed, therefore bookings are only accepted on the understanding that you will consent to share a room in the event of a lack of single rooms at any location. We will also attempt to accommodate single travellers wishing to share a room, but if there is no other single person to share with, then we will have to charge the single room supplement.

Visas & Passports:
Participants are responsible for obtaining a Visa where required and must be in possession of a full passport, valid for at least 6 months after the conclusion of the tour.

We reserve the right to change the leader from the one specified on any particular tour.

Responsibility & Liability:
We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the holidays published in this brochure have been properly arranged. However we will accept responsibility for (i) Services we are contractually obliged to provide being proved deficient or not of a reasonable standard. We will accept responsibility in respect of (ii) Loss or damage; death, bodily injury or illness, resulting from the proven acts of negligence and/or omissions of our employees, subcontractors, agents or suppliers, whilst acting within the scope of their employment. Claims in respect of the above matters shall (in respect of both liability and quantum) fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England. We cannot accept liability for negligent acts and/or omissions of hotels air, land or sea carriers - whose responsibilities are governed by international conventions, or any company or persons conveying the passenger or carrying out our arrangements. We cannot accept liability for loss, damage, expense, death, injury or illness resulting from war, threat of war, nuclear or natural disasters, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, riots, fire, adverse weather conditions, industrial disputes, financial failure by airlines, closure of airports, cancellation and/or changes of schedules by airlines, breakdown and/or maintenance of transport, quarantine, volcanic eruptions and atmospheric volcanic ash, earthquakes, floods and any other acts of God and all other causes beyond our control. We reserve the right to send home at their own expense any persons not conducting themselves in a manner compatible with the satisfactory operation of the tour. Should this situation arise Avian Adventures will not be liable for any refund or compensation.

We accept no liability in respect of (a) loss, damage, delay or misdirection of your luggage, goods or personal effects, (b) death, illness or physical injury (unless resulting from proven negligence). It is therefore essential and a condition of booking that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance cover. You must provide details of your policy, which should include volcanic eruptions and atmospheric volcanic ash and airline strikes.

Avian Adventures is the trading name of G. I. Griffiths